Friday, February 23, 2018

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Mission Trip to Henderson Kentucky 2017

  • Our team was involved in the following workcamp experiences:
  • Two members of our group replaced the roof of a mobile home for a married couple.
  • Four members built a ramp for an elderly lady so she could get on her “Amigo” in the house, go down the ramp, and zoom around the corner to her church.  In addition, she received new front steps.
  • Two members worked in the craft room finishing quilts that were not completed by previous work campers, made the cutest aprons ever, and worked on other projects to be sold in the craft store.
  • One member worked in the food pantry checking in people and packing boxes of food for their families
  • As it was raining cats and dogs on the first day, even the men who couldn’t work outdoors worked in the clothing pantry!  There was a lot to do including unpacking donations of clothes, putting them on hangers, and continually rotating them in and out of the clothing thrift store.  Along with clothing there were donations of shoes, linens, kitchenware, children’s toys, etc. from United Methodist churches all over the country.  Just when they thought they were done, more donations arrived and the process started all over again.

Overnight accommodations were great as this was our third year staying in the Brick House located on the grounds of the settlement.  We ate all of our meals in the cafeteria and enjoyed good times together at night putting a puzzle together, knitting/crocheting, or just talking, laughing, and blessed to be able to spend quality time with each other.